The First Report of the Japanese Government under Paragraph 1 of Article 19 of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

December, 2005
Japanese (Provisional Translation)


Part 1. General Information

Part 2. Information on Each Article of Part 1 of the Convention

A. Article 1

B. Article 2

C. Article 3

  • Deportation
  • Extradition

D. Article 4

E. Article 5

F. Article 6

  • Custody and other legal measures
  • Preliminary inquiry
  • Assistance for communication with representatives of the State of nationality
  • Notification to the country concerned

G. Article 7

H. Article 8

I. Article 9

J. Article 10

  • Education, Training, Rules and Directions
    • (a) Public officials in general
    • (b) Police
    • (c) Public prosecutors
    • (d) Correctional institutions
    • (e) Immigration Centers
    • (f) Medical personnel
    • (g) Self-defense personnel
    • (h) Coast Guard officers

K. Article 11

  • (a) Criminal justice
    • Regulations on interrogations
    • Arrangements for the custody and treatment
  • (b) Correctional institutions
  • (c) Immigration Centers
  • (d) Medical related matters
  • (e) Self-Defense Forces (SDF)
  • (f) Coast Guard officers

L. Article 12

  • (a) Public prosecutors and public prosecutors' assistant officers
  • (b) Police
  • (c) Prison officials
  • (d) Coast Guard officers
  • (e) Self-Defense Forces (SDF)
    • Human rights organs

M. Article 13

  • Guarantee of the right to complain by any individual who alleges he has been subjected to torture
    • (a) Measures citizens may take
      • Filing a complaint
    • (b) Measures detainees may take
      • Police detention cell
      • Correctional institutions
      • Immigration Centers
      • Infectious diseases
      • Mental patients
      • Conducts by officials of the Self-Defense Forces or by the Coast Guard officers
      • Protection of complainants and witnesses

N. Article 14

O. Article 15

P. Article 16

Q. Others

  • (a) Cooperation with NGOs
  • (b) So-called substitute prisons
  • (c) The individual communication system provided for in Article 22
  • (d) Death penalty system
  • (e) Use of restraining devices and custodial cells (rooms)
    • Correctional institutions
    • Immigration Centers
  • (f) Solitary confinement in the treatments
    • Correctional institutions
    • Immigration Centers
  • (g) Disciplinary Punishments
    • Correctional institutions

Appendix: Relevant domestic laws

  • Law of Extradition
  • Law for International Assistance in Investigation
  • Law for Judicial Assistance to Foreign Courts

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