International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
(First and Second Report)

June 1999


I. Introduction

Respect for Fundamental Human Rights in the Constitution of Japan
Land and Population
The Ainu People
Survey on Hokkaido Utari Living Conditions
Hokkaido Utari Welfare Measures
Round Table on the Policy for the Ainu People
Foreigners in Japan
Human Rights of Foreigners in Japan
Koreans Residents in Japan
Legal Status

II. Article 2

Prohibition of Discrimination by National and Local Public Authorities
Prohibition of Discrimination Among Individuals
Amendment and Abolishment of Discriminatory Laws

III. Article 3

Prohibition of Apartheid

IV. Article 4

Punishment of Dissemination, Incitement and Violence
Regulations on the Field of Information
Prohibition of Activities to Incite Groups

V. Article 5

Tribunals and All Other Organs Administering Justice
The Right to Security of Person and Protection by the State
Ensuring the Security of Foreign Residents in Japan
Political Rights
The Right to be Employed in Public Office
Freedom of Movement and Residence
The Right to Leave and Enter Japan
The Right of Nationality
The Right to Marriage and Choice of Spouse, The Right to Inherit and the Right to Own Property
Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion
Freedom of Assembly, Association, Expression and Speech
Freedom of Choice of Employment
Labor Conditions
Forming/Joining Labor Unions
Public Health, Medical Care, Social Security, Social Service
Cultural Activities
Places or Services Intended for Use by the General Public

VI. Article 6

Remedies and Compensation Measures in Cases of Human Rights Infringement
Structure of the Human Rights Organs
The Activities of Human Rights Organs

VII. Article 7

Education and Professors
The United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education
Attached Paper 1: Economic and Social Indexes
Attached Paper 2: A summary of the Results from the Hokkaido Utari Survey
Attached Paper 3: The Change in the Total Number of Registered Aliens and the Total Population of Japan
Attached Paper 4: The Change in the Number of Registered Aliens by Region
Attached Paper 5: The Change of the Number of the Registered Aliens by the Country of Origin
Attached Paper 6: The number of Foreign Residents in Japan under the Protection
Attached Paper 7: The Investigation/Disposition of Human Rights Infringement Cases
Attached Paper 8: Summary of Public Relations Activities Held at "The Memorial Month for The 50th Anniversary of the Adoption of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Establishment of the Civil Liveries Commissioners System in Japan"

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