Second Periodic Report by the Government of Japan under Articles 16 and 17 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights


I. General Comments

  1. Right to Self-Determination
  2. Status and Rights of Foreigners
  3. Employment of Foreigners as Civil Servants
  4. Provisions Prohibiting Discrimination in Domestic Law
  5. Development Assistance to Other Countries
  6. Public Welfare
  7. Measures for the Socially Disadvantaged
  8. Measures for the Realization of the Gender-Equal Society
  9. International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

II. Report on Each Article of the Covenant

Article 6

  1. Basic Data Related to Employment and Unemployment
  2. Policies and Measures to Guarantee the Right to Work
  3. Policies to Improve Labour Productivity
  4. Vocational Training Program
  5. Ensuring Equal Employment Opportunities

Article 7

  1. Wages
  2. Equal Treatment
  3. Self and Healthy Working Conditions
  4. Rest, Leisure, Limitation of Working Hours, and Paid Holidays
  5. Factors and Obstacles Influencing the Degree of Realization of Rights in Regard to the Customs and Laws in Japan Concerning the Reasonable Restrictions on Rest, Leisure, and Working Hours, as well as Periodical Paid Holidays, and Remuneration for Public Holidays

Article 8

Article 9

  1. Medical Care, Injury or Sickness Benefits, and Maternity Benefits
  2. Old-Age Benefits, Disability Benefits, and Survivor Benefits
  3. Family Benefits
  4. Employment Injury Benefits
  5. Unemployment Benefits
  6. Change in the Costs Related to Social Security

Article 10

  1. Protection of the Family
  2. Protection of Mothers
  3. Protection of Children

Article 11

  1. Right to an Adequate Standard of Living
  2. Right to Adequate Food
  3. Right to Adequate Housing

Article 12

  1. Data Related to the Health Conditions of Citizens
  2. Health Policy
  3. International Assistance

Article 13

  1. Right to Education
  2. The Introduction of Free Higher Secondary Education and Higher Education
  3. Treatment of Teaching Staff
  4. Private Schools
  5. International Cooperation in Educational Field

Article 14

Article 15

  1. Right to Take Part in Cultural Life
  2. Right to Enjoy the Benefits of Scientific Progress and its Application
  3. Protection of the Rights of Authors
  4. Encouragement and Development of International Exchange and Cooperation


Table 1. Improvement Objectives for the end of 1999
Table 2. Changes in the Ratio of Effective Job Offers to Effective Job Applications
Table 3. Changes in the Full Unemployment Rate based on Sex and Age
Table 4. Changes in the Ratio of Effective Job Offers to Effective Job Applications and the Full Unemployment Rate based on Region
Table 5. Employment Conditions of Disabled Persons Registered at Public Employment Security Offices
Table 6. Number of Established Minimum Wages Systems and Number of Workers to Whom Minimum Wages are Applied
Table 7. Total Average Monthly Salary of One Full-time Worker
Table 8. National Average of the Daily Minimum Wage based on Region and Industry
Table 9. Labour Accident Trends (All Industries)
Table 10. Number of Labour Unions and Their Members by Industry
Table 11. Share of Social Security Costs in the National Budget
Table 12. Changes in Annual Income and Consumption based on Income Class (Nationwide-All Households)
Table 13. Changes in the Standard Amount for Living Assistance
Table 14. Index of Living Expenditures
Table 15. Changes in the Number of Houses, Rate of House Ownership, and Vacancy Rate
Table 16. Changes in the Total Floor Area per Housing based on the Type of Housing
Table 17. Sanitation Facilities and the Deterioration of Housing
Table 18. Type of Occupation based on the Period of Housing Construction
Table 19. Number of Doctors, Hospitals, and Beds

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