Global Transmission of "East Asian Development Approach"

This symposium elaborated on the features of the East Asian Development Approach from both policy-making and academic viewpoints, and aimed at exploring for its applicability to other regions, especially Africa.

In the first session, Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan presented the gist of the outcome of the Initiative for Development in East Asia (IDEA) Ministerial Meeting held on August 12th, participated by foreign and development ministers from ASEAN, People's Republic of China, Japan and Republic of Korea. She demonstrated the East Asian Development Approach and its effectiveness, with special emphasis on the importance of ownership and partnership in development, holistic development utilizing ODA linking through trade and investment, and enhanced regional cooperation supplemented and promoted by South-South cooperation and tripartite cooperation. In the end, she expressed her expectation that by promoting collaboration with East Asian countries to share their experience of development with other regions, IDEA will enrich international expertise and strategies for development as well as contribute to African development.

Mr. Dante B. Canlas, Secretary of National Economic Development Authority of the Philippines and Mr. Zephirin Diabre, Associate Administrator of UNDP, appeared as commentators.

In the latter session, Ms. Izumi Ohno, Professor of National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Japan, presented Vietnam's PRSP (CPRGS), as one of the symbolic cases of East Asian Development Approach. She explained the importance of matching PRSP and development policy to meet conditions and needs of each country. Mr. Phan Quang Trung, Vice Minister, Ministry of Planning and Investment of the Government of Viet Nam, Ms. Kristalina I. Georgieva, Director for Environment of the World Bank, and Mr. John Samy, Country Director in Viet Nam of the Asian Development Bank, joined as commentators. After the presentation and the comments, frank views were exchanged between the panelists and the audience and it was a useful opportunity for the audience to deepen the understanding of the East Asian Development Approach.

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