The Gist of the IDEA Joint Ministerial Statement

August 12, 2002

I. Preamble

  1. Background and objectives
  2. Theme of the discussion

II. Key Factors in the Success of the East Asian Development

  1. Features of the East Asian development experience
    • Development as a national agenda
    • Three prerequisites to sustainable growth
      • Building economic infrastructure
      • Human resources development and the enhancement of institutional capacities in both the public and private sectors
      • Linkage through trade and investment
  2. Roles and features of development cooperation in East Asia
    • An appropriate combination and sequencing of various ODA schemes
    • Dissemination of development experience through South-South cooperation
    • Development cooperation in creating a favorable macroeconomic environment, financial stability, technology transfer, market access and FDI

III. Current Development Challenges Facing East Asia

  1. Formation of a robust economic and social foundation and the response to globalisation
  2. Good governance
  3. Promotion of regional peace and stability
  4. Pursuit of stable, harmonious and human-centred development

IV. Regional Cooperation and the Role of ODA

  1. Regional cooperation for peace and prosperity
  2. Further promotion of regional cooperation
  3. Significance of maintaining adequate ODA and making more effective use of ODA
    • Coordination with other development resources
    • Promotion of economic partnership and South-South cooperation

V. Conclusion

  1. Reaffirmation of the East Asian development experience and strengthening of regional cooperation
  2. Sharing of the East Asian development approach and experiences with other regions
  3. Report to ASEAN+3 Summit and further analysis by the intellectual community
  4. IDEA projects (guidance for identifying future cooperation programs)

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