Kyushu-Okinawa Summit 2000
Outline of Kyushu-Okinawa Summit Meeting



Agriculture, forestry, fishery and tourism are Miyazaki's traditional industries. In recent years, the completion of a convenient land, sea and air transport infrastructure, a rise in the technical expertise of local firms and an active effort to attract established firms have all combined to add the manufacturing industry to the list of the Prefecture's main industries.


Cattle Breeding
Cattle Breeding

Early Rice Cultivation
Early Rice Cultivation

Miyazaki is blessed with abundant sunshine and rainfall as well as a warm climate, and farming has thrived since olden days. The gross output is the eighth highest in Japan.Livestock farming accounts for 50% of agricultural profits. In addition to raising pig, chicken and cattle, dairy and egg farming and horse breeding are also prospering.
Rice is grown mainly in the warm plains, and early cultivation is seen throughout the area. Miyazaki boasts the nation's top green pepper production. Cucumber and tomato production is also popular.


Three-fourths of Miyazaki Prefecture, or approximately 600-thousand hectares (1,480,000 acres) is forest. Forestry flourishes in Miyazaki, helped by the mild climate and fertile soil. The prefecture is the top producer of Japanese cedar, and Shiitake mushroom farming is also popular as a by-product of the forestry industry.


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