Government Procurement Information

Government Procurement Seminar for Fiscal Year 2019

March 13, 2019

A Government Procurement Seminar for Fiscal Year 2019 will be held as follows:

1. Date

16th April 2019, Tuesday, 10:00-13:30

2. Venue

MITA KAIGISHO (2-1-8 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

3. Program

  • (1) General overview of the Japanese Government Procurement Procedures
  • (2) (a) Expected procurement for Fiscal Year 2019:
    • Procurement of telecommunications and medical technology products and services not less than 100 thousand SDRs
    • Procurement of computer products and services above 800 thousand SDRs
    • Procurement of other products and services controlled by the Agreement on Government Procurement not less than 800 thousand SDRs
  • (b) Additional information related to procurement of goods and services in which many suppliers are considered to be interested (including the information on the expected procurement for Fiscal Year 2020 and beyond, if possible)

4. Application for Registration

  • (1) This seminar is open to domestic and foreign suppliers and the members of foreign missions / representative offices interested in the Japanese Government Procurements
  • (2) Those who wish to attend are kindly requested to send email for registration to the following email address with full name, the affiliation, and the contact information (Tel, Fax, email) no later than 9th April 2019, Tuesday.
Government Procurement Seminar Secretariat:
Contact Person: Ms. Junko SAITO
TEL: 03-3507-9777
FAX: 03-3507-9771

5. Language

The seminar will be conducted in Japanese, with simultaneous translation into English.