G20 Osaka Summit

G20 Osaka Summit Partners' Program (Day 2)

June 29, 2019

1 On June 29, Mrs. Akie Abe, spouse of the Prime Minister of Japan, hosted the second day of the G20 Summit Partners' Program in Osaka. In attendance of this program were the leaders’ partners from Argentina, Australia, Canada, European Union (EU Council), France, Indonesia, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Republic of South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Viet Nam, Financial Stability Board (FSB), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World Bank.

2 Mrs. Abe greeted the leaders’ partners at the Osaka Prefectural Government Building, then hosted a symposium on the theme “Oceans - a precious resource for our lives" in the Osaka Prefectural Assembly Hall. This symposium offered an opportunity to exchange ideas about the importance of the oceans with specialists, as well as local children and university students from around the Kansai region.

3 Mrs. Abe then hosted a luncheon where sushi, a symbol of Japan's traditional food culture, was served with a brief introduction. Afterward, Mrs. Abe and the other partners enjoyed a tea ceremony before watching a Kabuki performance, further deepening their understanding of Japanese culture.

Menu of dishes served at the luncheon (Day 2)

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