Asian ASEM SOM[1] Shanghai, China 8-9 Jan 2002
ASEM Life Long Learning Opening Conference Copenhagen, Denmark 16-18 Jan 2002
ASEM Ministerial Meeting on Environment Beijing, China 17-18 Jan 2002
AEETC PGG meeting Bangkok, Thailand 30 Jan 2002
ASEM CM Coordinators' Meeting (overall coordination of ASEM process) Madrid, Spain 1st Feb 2002
ASEM Migration Experts Group Beijing, China 25-26 Feb 2002
ASEM Customs Enforcement Working Group Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 26-28 Feb 2002
ASEM Customs Procedures Working Group Brussels, Belgium 11-12 March 2002
Seminar on ASEM and Changing World Economy Tokyo, Japan 15-16 March
ASEM Trust Fund Evaluation meeting Bangkok, Thailand 12-13 March
ASEM SOM Senior Officials Meeting Lanzarote, Spain 2-3 April 2002
ASEM Senior Official Justice and Home Affairs + SOM Lanzarote, Spain 3-4 April 2002
Ministerial Conference on Cooperation for the Management of Migratory Flows Europe-Asia Lanzarote, Spain 4-5 April 2002
ASEM 7th TFAP seminar on Standards and Conformity Assessment Beijing, China 10-11 April 2002
ASEM Economic Coordinators Meeting Madrid, Spain 15-16 April 02
ASEM Workshop on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forests Chiang Mai, Thailand 19-22 April 2002
ASEM Trust Fund Evaluation meeting (organised by World Bank) Washington, USA 19 April 2002
ASEM Finance Core Group Meeting Washington, USA 20-21 April 2002
ASEM Environment Senior Experts meeting on environment Thailand 7 May 2002
ASEM Life Long Learning Conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 13-15 May 2002
ASEM TFAP Seminar of IPR Enforcement Hanoi, Vietnam 16-17 May 2002
ASEF[2]11th Board of Governors Meeting Salamanca, Spain 24-25 May 2002
4th ASEM Foreign Ministers Meeting Madrid, Spain 6-7 June 2002
ASEM Conference on Public Participation in Environmental Policies Bangkok, Thailand 10-12 June 2002
ASEM Finance Deputies Baiona, Spain 10 June 2002
ASEM Workshop on Water Management Issues Changsha, China 10-13 June 2002
ASEM Life Long Learning Initiative Closing Conference Singapore 2-4 July 2002
ASEM Finance Ministers Meeting 4th Finance Ministers Meeting Copenhagen, Denmark 5-6 July 2002
ASEM TFAP SPS Workshop (veterinary issues)
Wrap-up Seminar
Noordwijk, Netherlands 9-10 July 2002
11-12 July 2002
ASEM 6th IEG Investment Experts Group Bali, Indonesia 15-16 July 2002
ASEM SOMTI (8th) Bali, Indonesia 16-17 July 2002
ASEM CM Brunei 2 August 2002
Meeting of the Public Debt Management Forum Copenhagen, Denmark 10-13 September
ASEM Anti Money Laundering Initiative, Official Launch Bangkok, Thailand 12 Sept 2002
ASEM Fourth Economic Ministers Meeting Copenhagen, Denmark 18-19 Sept 2002
AEBF 7th Business Forum Copenhagen, Denmark 19-20 Sept 2002
ASEM 4 - 4th ASEM Summit Copenhagen, Denmark 22-24 Sept 2002
ASEM TFAP Second e-commerce Seminar Finland 23-24 Sept 2002
ASEM Seminar
Promoting Gender Equality to Combat Trafficking in Women and Children
Bangkok, Thailand 7-9 October 2002
AEETC PPGG meeting Hunan, China 23-24 October (tbc)
ASEF 12th BOG Board of Governors Meeting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia November 2002
Asia Europe Business Forum (AEBF)
Seminar on PPP (infrastructure)
Singapore Nov 2002 (tbc)


ASEM Conference on the Judicial Protection of Children Philippines Feb/March
ASEM 2nd Round Table on Globalisation Sweden March 2003
ASEM Symposium on Multilateral and Regional Economic Relations Japan Spring 2003
ASEM Conference on rehabilitation, repatriation and reintegration of the victims of trafficking in persons Bangkok, Thailand 19-21 March 2003
ASEM Child Welfare Experts Meeting Manila, Philippines 3-5 March 2003
Globalisation and ICT The role of Government, Private sector and Civil Society in an information society for all Malmö Sweden 10-12 March 2003
ASEF 13th Board of Governors Berlin, Germany 8-10 May
5th ASEM Foreign Ministers Meeting Indonesia 2003
ASEM Symposium Underground banking and alternative remittance services Germany 2003
ASEM Finance Ministers Meeting Indonesia 2003
AEBF 8th Business Forum Korea 2003
ASEM Seminar on Anti-terrorism China 2003
ASEM Conference on Cultures and Civilisations China 2003
ASEM High Level Conference on Agricultural Cooperation China 2003
Workshop on The Future of Employment and the Quality of Labour Berlin, Germany 2003
Expert Group Meeting on Expansion of TEIN to Malaysia as Southeast Asia hub Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia First half of 2003
Two Rounds of Consultations on the Doha Development Agenda One in Asia and one in Europe Autumn 2003 (Asia)
Back to back with SOMTI (Europe)
ASEM Environment Ministers Meeting Italy Oct/Nov 2003 (tbc)
ASEM Seminar on Educational Exchange Japan To be determined


ASEM V Summit Hanoi, Vietnam Second half 2004

[1] Asian ASEM SOM is not an ASEM activity but serves to coordinate among Asian ASEM partners.

[2]For ASEF events please see its website other site

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