Fourth International MANGA Award


Silver Award

Title: La Isla sin Sonrisa
Creator: Enrique Fernández

Country/region of publication: Spain (2010)
Language: Spanish


An isolated island to which people hardly visit, Yulkukany.
Dean, a reticent troubled geologist who wishes to keep his distance from people, visits this island for research.

A girl named Eli greets this expected visitor to Yulkukany, the first in a while.
She is living with her aunt who runs the inn Dean will stay at, and her father, who is a whaler.

Yulkukany has a legend of a "wish granting demon." It has been rumored that this demon would eat the toes of those who make a wish if it is not pleased with the offering, so Eli's father has been collecting rare items during his voyage to offer the demon in case Eli would deal with it one day.

Five years have passed since Eli's father set out to sea and went missing. When his boat comes back empty, Eli goes to the demon to…

About the Artist:

A Spanish writer who works on a number of anime and comics.
This work has been published in France and Belgium. In 2010, it was awarded the ActuaBD at the Festival International de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême (Angoulême International Comics Festival), which is regarded as the Cannes International Film Festival of comics in France.

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