Fourth International MANGA Award


Silver Award

Title: Face cachée
Creator: Olivier Martin / Sylvain Runberg

Country/region of publication: France (2010)
Language: French


SATOSHI is a financial analyst.
He chats with his wife online at an internet caf? and stays at a capsule hotel on weekdays, returning home to his wife and daughter in Kamakura only on weekends.

JUNICHI, SATOSHI's colleague who has a crush on another colleague of theirs, MAYUMI, gets into a rivalry with SATOSHI because MAYUMI relies on him.

MAYUMI, who has experienced her parents' divorce, understands SATOSHI's affection for his family, but continues her affair with him, believing one day they will get together…

The story portrays office workers in Japan, such as all colleagues going out for drinks to an old bar district led by their boss and choosing favorite songs of their boss at karaoke, as well as their "hidden face" they show at home or in a relationship.

About the Artist:

Olivier Martin (comic artist)

Released his first work in 1999.
This is his 11th work. His stay for two years in Japan triggered his want to challenge the field of Manga.

Sylvain Runberg (author)

Released his first work in 2004.
Published 20 works in a wide range of genres, from sci-fi to autobiographical chronicles and fantasy. He is also a comic fan. His love for Japan made this work.

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