Fourth International MANGA Award


Gold Award

Title: Si loin et si proche...
Creator: Xiao Bai

Country/region of publication: Belgium (2010)
Language: French


Xiao Tian is a college freshman living in a girls' dorm in Beijing. A boy suddenly appears in front of her and calls her "Mom."

The boy's name is Li Wei.
Ever since he saw his mother die in a traffic accident at the age of eight, Li Wei, who has kept himself inside through his youth, says a prayer on his birthday every year. "I want to see Mom..." His sincere wish is granted by the moon fairy and he appears before Xiao Tian for 30 days.

Xiao Tian tries to accept her son who has arrived from the future to see her, but begins to worry about it as she can't share this mysterious experience with anyone. Her relationship, friendship and life become imbalanced and she sometimes loses her temper before Li Wei.

The is a story of struggles in life, friendship and love which a college girl experiences as she learns her future through her encounter with her son from the future.

About the Artist:

Studied illustration and graphic design as a student in Beijing.
This is Xiao Bai's first full-length graphic novel released in France.

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