Third International MANGA Award

Silver Award

Title: Running on empty
Creator: Kim Jea-Eon

Publishing Country: South Korea (2008)
Language: Korean


As 18-year-old Han Su Bong tries to plunge to his death in a suicide attempt, a man named Lee Hyeok Su photographs the scene, prompting Su Bong to lash out at him. A detective then appears, and since Hyeok Su is suspected of murder, he takes Su Bong who was there with him as a hostage for his getaway.

As the only survivor of his father's attempt to kill his family members and commit suicide, Hyeok Su was picked up by a certain organization. The organization is also on his trail because he attempted to escape from its clutches.

Despite all this, Hyeok Su decides he wants to live and refuses to choose death. He cannot understand why Su Bong, who is lively, eats heartily, and laughs a lot despite being a hostage, would still desire to die.

Meanwhile Su Bong had resolved to kill himself because he could not stand the environment he was in, which changed due to the errors of his father, who is a hospital director. As the pair spend time and do things together there, Su Bong becomes interested in why Hyeok Su only takes pictures but does not try to develop them. Their escape journey continues.

Creator's Introduction:

Kim Jea Eon got his debut in 1995 with The Last Den of the Wasteland, and has released many works since then.

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