Third International MANGA Award

Silver Award

Title: Natty
Creator: Melvil - Corbeyran (Dargaud Benelux)

Publishing Country: Belgium (2008)
Language: French


Princess Natty of Orkidestan was caught and sentenced to death for the crime of refusing the marriage recommended by her parents. Secretly escaping the castle, Natty wanders the castle town area where the sunlight does not reach and those residents with the lowest status live. In her disguise, no one recognizes her as the wanted Princess Natty.

Young Sammy, who Princess Natty has promised to marry, is in the castle town prison. Learning he cannot get a fair judgment, he implores his friends in the prison to escape with him, but they refuse to cooperate for fear of divine retribution. However, an old man tells Sammy about an escape tunnel he had been digging. Sammy successfully escapes and returns to his home, where he finds Princess Natty waiting for him. Overjoyed at their reunion, they begin taking action to somehow get themselves out of the situation they are in, but...

Creator's Introduction:

Melvil (artist): Debuting with Bluehope as a manga writer in 2002, Melvil later started as a manga artist in 2006.

Corbeyran (writer): Releasing more than 80 works since 1990 in such genres as fantasy, history, thrillers, and adventure, Corbeyran was also the writer for Okheania 1, which received an Silver Award in last year's 2nd International Manga Award.

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