Third International MANGA Award

Silver Award

Title: Zaya
Creators: Huang Jia Wei - Morvan (Dargaud Benelux)

Publishing Country: Belgium
Language: French


An orphan named Zaya Obilidinne is raised by the spy organization Spiral as an agent. Although she has completed many tasks for Spiral, she leaves the organization when she becomes pregnant. She goes on to a peaceful life above ground as an artist and mother.

Around then, the space station Ditrimina is attacked by someone or something, killing Spiral agents one after another. The killer, who had until then left no clues, eventually leaves behind some DNA thanks to the sacrifice of a high-up agent. Spiral obtains the killer's DNA.

Zaya suddenly gets assigned a job from Spiral. Given her familiarity the organization, she knows she cannot escape from her duty, so she leaves her children in her younger sister's care and sets out on her journey.

Creator's Introduction:

Huang Jia Wei (artist): Having aspired to be a manga artist since childhood, Huang Jia Wei released Ya San as a debut work in 2006 while still in art school.

Morvan (writer): Having been interested in manga since childhood, Morvan began studying manga in 1989, later concentrating solely on writing and releasing many works.

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