Third International MANGA Award


Gold Award


Publishing Country: Thailand (2008)
Language: Thai


A boy named Toto, who lives with his father and a monkey on a small island, encounters an American NBA player named Rocky, who arrives at the island by chance one day when his plane breaks down. Toto spends two years learning the basics of basketball from Rocky.

After guiding Toto through to mastery of the dunk shot, Rocky leaves the island with the words, "As long as you stick with basketball, we'll meet again some day. Hold steady on the game until then."

Eventually Toto leaves the island and enters junior high school. He visits the school basketball club, but he is unable to join because of harassment by the members, who tease him because he is from the countryside.

In Toto's chagrin, a boy named Taitoon appeared before him, silently practicing alone on a court in the town. Taitoon is amazed at the dunking ability Toto developed on the island. The two hit it off and decide to create a streetball team as they resolve to reach the top together.

Creator's Introduction:

Influenced by Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball in his aspirations to be a manga artist, Jakraphan Huaypetch made his debut with SUPER DUNKER in 2008.

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