Science and Technology

September 17, 2014

On September 17, 2014 in Tokyo, the Government of Japan and the Government of Spain held the 2nd Japan-Spain Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation. The Joint Committee meeting was opened by the remarks of Mr. Shunichi Yamaguchi, Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy, and Prof. Carmen Vela Olmo, State Secretary for Research, Development and Innovation.

The Joint Committee meeting, co-chaired by Prof. Carmen Vela and Mr. Makoto Katsura, Ambassador for Science and Technology Cooperation, brought together high-level representatives from a wide range of government agencies of both countries. They introduced the overviews and progresses on their science and technology policies, reviewed their experiences in researcher exchange, and noted the recent development of their collaborative activities in the fields of nanomedicine, fusion energy, smart community, nanotechnology and aquaculture.

Through this constructive discussion, the co-chairs reaffirmed that the cooperation in science and technology of both countries had been steadily advancing since the entry into force of the Agreement between Government of Japan and the Government of Spain on Cooperation in Science and Technology, signed in 2010, and expressed their hope to contribute to the development of countermeasures to global issues, such as aging society, energy, environment and sustainable use of natural resources, mobilizing the full potential in their cutting-edge science and technology.

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