Japan-United Kingdom Relations

June 25, 2018

The JAPAN HOUSE opened in London on June 21 (Thursday). The outline of the opening event is as follows. Special Advisor to the Prime Minister Kentaro Sonoura attended the opening ceremony held on the opening day.

1. Opening Reception

Special Advisor to the Prime Minister Sonoura attended the opening reception together with Director Michael Houlihan of the Japan House London, designer Mr. Masamichi Katayama who designed the facility, architect Mr. Sousuke Fujimoto who is the exhibitor for the first rotating exhibition, and Mr. Kenya Hara who is the Chief Creative Director of the Japan House. Various representatives greeted the opening of the Japan House London, and gave speeches on their expectations for the future of Japan House at the reception.

  • (Photo 1) (From left, Ambassador Tsuruoka to UK, Mr. Katayama, Mr. Hara, Special Advisor Sonoura)
    (From left, Ambassador Tsuruoka to UK,
    Mr. Katayama, Mr. Hara, Special Advisor Sonoura)
  • (Photo 2) (Japan House ground floor shop)
    (Japan House ground floor shop)
  • (Photo 3) (Ground floor shop)
    (Ground floor shop)
  • (Photo 4) (Exhibit by Mr. Makoto Azuma)
    (Exhibit by
    Mr. Makoto Azuma)
  • (Photo 5) (Greeting by Director Houlihan)
    (Greeting by Director Houlihan)

2. Opening Rotating Exhibition

(1) Rotating exhibition "Futures of the Future" (June 22 to August 5)

The exhibition "Futures of the Future" by architect Mr. Sousuke Fujimoto is being held as an opening rotating exhibition, and Special Advisor Sonoura visited the exhibition. "Futures of the Future" exhibits not only the past representative works and projects currently in progress by Mr. Fujimoto, but shows the process of how the design has been polished up through the architect's models. Various architect's models in various phases from conceptual models to models of completed buildings are being exhibited. It is linked to the London Festival of Architecture, and introduces the philosophy of Mr. Fujimoto toward the architecture and plants a "seed" of architecture for the future.

  • (Photo 6) Opening Rotating Exhibition 1
  • (Photo 7) Opening Rotating Exhibition 2

(2) Opening Event Flower Messenger

There was an event by flower artist Makoto Azuma showcasing the opening of the Japan House London. The installations within the Japan House represent the joy and thankfulness of the opening and the Japanese style hospitality with beautiful flowers, and the flower messengers notified the opening of the Japan House by delivering flowers throughout the city of London.

  • (Photo 8) Opening Event Flower Messenger 1
  • (Photo 9) Opening Event Flower Messenger 2

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