Public Diplomacy

December 11, 2022

1. Breakfast Meeting to exchange views with Governor of Miyagi Prefecture, Mayor of Sendai City and the local business community

Photo session before the breakfast meeting
Photo of the breakfast meeting to exchange views

In Miyagi Prefecture Minister Hayashi met with Mr. MURAI Yoshihiro, Governor of Miyagi Prefecture, Ms. KORI Kazuko, Mayor of Sendai City, and the local business community, and exchanged views over breakfast on effective means of promoting Miyagi’s attractions for revitalizing the local economy.

Minister Hayashi stated that this exchange of views offers an excellent opportunity to convey Miyagi’s local attractions internationally, and to promote public-private collaborations and stimulation of inbound tourism demand. He noted that Miyagi Prefecture’s dynamic prefecture-wide efforts in recovery and reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake and various tourism invigoration projects had resulted in a record number of overseas visitors to Miyagi in 2019. Minister Hayashi also referred to the G7 Sendai Science and Technology Ministers’ Meeting that is scheduled in May 2023, noting the increasing importance of international collaboration in science and technology and the promotion of science and technology diplomacy. He also stated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is committed to engage in close cooperation on the issue with the Cabinet Office and other related ministries and agencies.

2. Roundtable dialogue with people based in Yamagata

Photo session before the roundtable dialogue
Photo of the roundtable dialogue with people based in Yamagata

In the afternoon in Yamagata Prefecture, Minister Hayashi held a roundtable dialogue on the theme of “Yamagata to Global” with six locals, including youth, based in Yamagata who are actively contributing to a wide range of fields such as international exchanges, tourism, culture, start-up companies and agriculture.

Noting that Yamagata is the birthplace of Amb. ADACHI Mineichiro, who served as the President of the Permanent Court of International Justice before World War II, Minister Hayashi reiterated the importance of an international order based on the rule of law, and stated that Japan will demonstrate leadership ahead of the G7 Hiroshima Summit in 2023. He also noted that as demonstrated at the recent YAMAGATA Youth Summit 2022, Yamagata Prefecture is endeavoring to develop global talents resources in a diversity of fields, including inbound tourism, culture and advanced technologies, and that he wishes to see further opportunities for overseas visitors to experience these attractions of Yamagata. Minister Hayashi also stated that MOFA will continue to promote the export of Japanese food products, including those from Yamagata.

The participants expressed a range of views and suggestions based on their own experiences, and lively exchanged views with the Minister.

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