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December 22, 2023
Pho session before the Courtesy Call (Photo: Cabinet Public Affairs Office)
Japan CULCON chair Mr. Sasae presented a “Joint Statement” to Prime Minister Kishida (Photo: Cabinet Public Affairs Office)

On December 22, commencing at 5:40 p.m. for approximately 15 minutes, Mr. KISHIDA Fumio, Prime Minister of Japan, received a courtesy call from Mr.SASAE Kenichiro, Japan Chair of the Japan-United States Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange (CULCON) and former Japanese Ambassador to the United States. The overview of the courtesy call is as follows.

  1. Japan CULCON Chair Sasae presented a “Joint Statement” issued on the occasion of the 30th PlenaryMeeting of CULCON held in Atlanta last October. Following the presentation, Mr. Sasae and other CULCON members attended commented on the recommendations related to the two main themes of the Joint Statement, “Information Access and Sharing in the Digital Age” and Subnational Diplomacy/Local & Regional Exchange.”
  2. In response, Prime Minister Kishida welcomed the fact that the 30th Plenary Session of CULCON was held in Atlanta, the city where the peace bell from Hiroshima rings. The Prime Minister also noted that the CULCON's activities are meaningful in nurturing the next generation of Japanese and U.S. leaders and promoting their interaction in an era of complex crisis that are difficult for one country to solve alone andexpressed his expectation for CULCON’s continued success.

[Note 1]CULCON was established in June 1961 by a joint statement announced by Prime Minister IKEDA Hayatoand President John F. Kennedy. Expert panels from Japan and the United States make proposals and recommendations to both governments regarding cultural and educational exchanges between the two countries. Itsfirst meeting was held in Tokyo in January 1962. Since then, conferences have been held biannually in principle, alternating between Japan and the U.S.

[Note 2]Attended COULCON Panelists
Chair SASAE Kenichiro, President of the Japan Institute of International Affairs and former Japanese Ambassador to the United States
Ms. TAKAHASHI Yoko, President of Tsuda University
Mr. AKITA Hiroyuki, Nikkei commentator

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