Japan-United States of America Relations

July 5, 2017

On July 5, commencing at around 9:45 p.m. for approximately 30 minutes, Mr. Fumio Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affairs, held a telephone talk with the Honorable Rex W. Tillerson, Secretary of State of the United States of America. The overview of the telephone talk is as follows.

  1. The two sides shared the view that North Korea’s repeated provocative actions, including North Korea’s ballistic missile launch on the morning of July 4, are exacerbating the situation and are absolutely intolerable. Both sides also confirmed that the international community needs to further strengthen its pressure on North Korea , and that they will demonstrate a resolute stance towards North Korea. Furthermore, Secretary Tillerson stated that the United States commitment to Japan’s defense is unwavering.
  2. In addition, both sides confirmed that in order to lead the international community’s efforts to apply greater pressure on North Korea, Japan and the United States and Japan, the United States and the Republic of Korea (ROK) will work closely together, including at the United Nations (UN),and in urging China and Russia to play a greater role, and Japan, the United States and the ROK will continue to work closely towards the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution that includes stricter sanctions measures.

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