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February 23, 2021
(Video) Foreign Minister Motegi making a speech
  1. His Majesty the Emperor has his 61st birthday on February 23.
  2. On this occasion, Foreign Minister Motegi issued the following video message to celebrate His Majesty the Emperor’s birthday.

    I would like to celebrate His Majesty the Emperor’s 61st birthday today.

    It is highly unfortunate that I am unable to host the reception to celebrate His Majesty the Emperor’s Birthday this year, as last year, due to the novel coronavirus crisis. Instead, I would like to deliver celebratory remarks through this video message.

    His Majesty the Emperor has been taking part in a variety of online events with Her Majesty the Empress, and together they have been consistently and directly extending their best wishes to the people of Japan amidst the novel coronavirus crisis, as in their video message released on New Year’s Day.

    Furthermore, 22 more ambassadors to Japan presented their credentials to His Majesty the Emperor last year. His Majesty the Emperor also exchanged numerous personal telegrams with leading figures from around the world. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for His Majesty’s devotion to deepening and enriching the friendship between Japan and other countries and regions.

    The international community currently faces three major changes and issues.
    First is the threat stemming from the global spread of COVID-19. Second is the challenge to universal values and the international order on which peace and prosperity have been founded within the international community. And third is the pressing need for dealing with the worldwide issues of globalization, digitalization and climate change.

    Against this backdrop, Japan will strive to further strengthen the Japan-U.S. alliance, realize a free and open Indo-Pacific, engage in foreign diplomacy with neighboring countries including China, the Republic of Korea and Russia, deal with various pending matters related to North Korea, and tackle other significant issues. Moreover, Japan will play a leading role in the revival of the global economy, which has been affected drastically by the COVID-19 crisis, the expansion of free and fair economic zones, and the establishment of a new set of rules for the post-COVID-19 era, including the promotion of digitalization.

    I would like to close my speech by offering my heartfelt prayers and wishes for His Majesty’s continued good health, and the prosperity of the Imperial Court, as well as the good health of everyone else watching this video.

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