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February 23, 2022
(Video) His Excellency Mr. Manlio Cadelo, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of San Marino making a speech

Your Majesty, I have the honor and privilege to deliver this brief message on occasion of Your Majesty’s Birthday on behalf of all my esteemed colleagues, Ambassadors in Japan.

Your Majesty is celebrating third birthday as Emperor of Japan this year. Since the first Emperor Jinmu Tenno ascended the throne 2682 years ago, the Imperial Family has contributed to the world unique and beautiful Japanese traditional “ wa “ , peace and harmony, rich culture of arts, music, poetry, architecture, and admirable spiritual philosophy. Japan and her people are well known for their respect for nature. During Jomon era, beginning of Japanese civilization, war was at all unknown.

Your Majesty, the world looks at Japan with great admiration. During the present virus pandemic, Japan again without imposing her people to drastic limitations, demonstrates cultural resilience that held the world in reverence when Great Earthquake and Tsunami ravaged Tohoku Eastern Japan 11 years ago.

Your Majesty, we wish and pray for peace and happiness for Your family and for all people of our world.

Again sincere congratulations ! Go Tanshin omedeto gozaimasu.

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