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April 2019

April 15, 2019

JSS Honkaku Shochu Event for Professionals in New York

(Photo 1) In the seminar In the seminar
(Photo 2) tasting of Shochu tasting of Shochu

On February 11, "JSS Honkaku Shochu Event for Professionals in New York" was held at the residence of Consul-General in New York in cooperation with Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association(JSS). In this seminar, attractiveness of Shochu and Awamori were introduced by mixologists with their professional views. After the seminar, participants enjoyed the difference of flavors in the tasting event organized by 9 breweries.

Local Promotion Project

(Photo 3) in the special ceremony in the special ceremony
(Photo 4) performance event performance event

From March 2 to 3, "Cherry Blossoms × festival" was held in a commercial complex in Moscow in order to promote local attractiveness and their touristic charms. On March 4, a business meeting was held between Japanese and Russian business persons. 5 Japanese prefectural governments- Hokkaido, Ibaraki, Niigata, Yamaguchi and Okinawa- also joined the events.

Training program for local governments’ officials by MOFA

(Photo 5) in the lecture in the lecture
(Photo 6) participants participants

MOFA has personnel exchange program with local governments; some local governments' officials are working OJT at MOFA in Tokyo and at Embassies and Consulates in the world. On March 7, local governments’ officials working at MOFA visited Australian Embassy in Japan, and listened to a lecture on the Embassy’s international exchange activities with local cities. Japan and Australia have 108 sister-cities/states relationships, many students in these cities visit each other. Australian Embassy also has cultural exchange and sports program with disaster-stricken regions.

From the Seminar

(Photo 7) Mt. Oyama Mt. Oyama
(Photo 8) Oyama Tofu Oyama Tofu

Learn more about the regions which participated in our Regional Promotion Seminar on December 5, 2018 !

Oyama Tofu

Mt.Oyama in Kanagawa Prefecture

Mt. Oyama is a 1,252-meter-high mountain located in Kanagawa prefecture. It has long been regarded as a holy mountain because many people pay homage to Oyama Afuri Shrine on the top of Mt. Oyama.

Oyama area is also known for its tofu, made with pure water flowing out of Mt. Oyama. Oyama Tofu Festival is held in March every year. Many tofu-related events are organized, such as tofu eating contest and making tofu experience. Participants enjoy boiled tofu made by using 4-meter diameter pot.

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