Local Partnership Cooperation

  • (Photo 1) Diplomats’ Study Tour to Ise-Shima in Mie Prefecture
    Diplomats’ Study Tour to Ise-Shima in Mie Prefecture

Local governments and communities play a major role in fostering good international relations across a wide range of fields. MOFA implements various measures to strengthen cooperation with local governments and communities engaged in international efforts in various fields with an aim to reinforce the comprehensive diplomatic capacity of the nation under the slogan of “All-Japan”.

MOFA carry out various cooperative projects with local governments and other parties concerned to achieve those goals by placing particular emphasis on introducing the attractions of local communities to the world, supporting the internationalization of local communities, and providing a broad range of information on international exchanges. MOFA lays special emphasis on supporting communities in counteracting damage by harmful rumors related to the Great East Japan Earthquake and revitalization of local industries and local economies.

What’s new

Regional Promotion Seminars

(Photo 2) Regional Promotion Seminars

MOFA and local governments co-host seminars in Tokyo to introduce various features of local regions to the diplomatic corps in Japan. The local governments also introduce their local products such as food and sake.

Diplomats’ Study Tours

(Photo 3) Diplomats’ Study Tours

Diplomats’ Study Tours are held by MOFA together with local governments in order to showcase regional attractions such as culture and industries for diplomats in Japan.