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February 2019

February 5, 2019

Evening to enjoy Kagoshima specialties

(Photo 1) in the event in the event
(Photo 2) Shochu and traditional craftworks Shochu and traditional craftworks

On December 12, the event 'Evening to enjoy Kagoshima specialties' was held at the residence of Consul-General in Shanghai. Many influencers from various fields participated in this event and enjoyed the lecture and tasting of Kagoshima's shochu. The exhibition of traditional craftworks, such as Satsuma cut glass and Satsuma pottery, contributed to deepen their understanding of Kagoshima local products.

Diplomats' Study Tour to Fukushima

(Photo 3) commemorative gift's presentation by governor commemorative gift's presentation by governor
(Photo 4) in the fishing port in the fishing port

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Fukushima Prefecture held a Diplomats' Study Tour to Fukushima for the diplomatic corps in Japan from January 15 to 16. In this tour, it was expected that the diplomatic corps in Japan would deepen their understanding of the revitalization and the charms of Fukushima Prefecture by visiting facilities related to its industry, history and culture. They visited re-opened J-village and Aquamarine Fukushima.

Local Partnership Cooperation Forum

(Photo 5) in the lecture in the lecture
(Photo 6) reception for networking reception for networking

On January 18, Local Partnership Cooperation Forum was held at the Mita Conference Hall with a view to supporting international activities of local governments and municipalities. In Foreign policy lecture, lecturers introduced TICAD7 and Host Town Initiative. In sectional meetings, participants were divided into four sub-groups to have dialogues with experts and exchange opinions. Later, a reception hosted by Deputy Minister was held to help building networks between the diplomatic corps and municipalities' officials.

From the Tour

(Photo 7) Diplomats enjoyed painting Daruma doll Diplomats enjoyed painting Daruma doll
(Photo 8) Miharu Daruma doll Miharu Daruma doll

Learn more about the destination city of our Diplomats' Study Tour on January 15-16, 2019

Miharu Daruma doll

Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture

Daruma is a traditional Japanese doll, which is made of papier-mâché. It is a symbol of luck and good fortune. Some Daruma doll markets are held at the beginning of the New Year in Japan.

Every region's Daruma has its own characteristics in shape, color, material, especially, facial design, such as eyebrows and mustache. Miharu Daruma doll is one of the Daruma dolls that made in Fukushima Prefecture. The features are flat head and tall shape, representing the style of Northeast Japan's Daruma.

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