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June 2019

June 11, 2019

Japanese gardens restoration project abroad in Philadelphia, USA

(Photo 1) shishiodoshi, water-filled bamboo shishiodoshi, water-filled bamboo
(Photo 2) stepping stones stepping stones

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism carries out Japanese gardens restoration project in cooperation with MOFA since fiscal year 2017. Shofuso garden in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, USA was restored in October 2018 within the framework of this project. Japanese gardeners, including those from Kobe, a Sister City of Philadelphia, visited the Park and worked on the restoration with local gardeners. Features of the Japanese gardens such as stepping stones and a shishiodoshi (a water-filled bamboo) were finally restored. This project contributed to further deepening of the international exchanges between Kobe City and Philadelphia.

Host Town exchange event at the Embassy of Mongolia in Japan

(Photo 3) performance of Morin khuur performance of Morin khuur
(Photo 4) Exchange opinions Exchange opinions

On April 19, a Host Town exchange event for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games was held at the Embassy of Mongolia in Japan. Mongolia has 18 Host Towns with local governments in Japan, and arranges various programs with each local government, such as pre-games training camps, exchange programs with elementary-school students. In this event, local governments gave presentations introducing their Host Town Initiative and exchanged their experiences. The participants appreciated this precious opportunity kindly offered by the Embassy, as it will enrich each of their Initiatives toward 2020.

Looking for a Sister-city

(Photo 5) scenery of the Zavattarello scenery of the Zavattarello
(Photo 6) local specialty, honey local specialty, honey

Zavattarello is located 100km south of Milano City. It is a scenic town on a hill. You look over beautiful Medieval towns from the Dal Verme Castle in the town. Their local product, honey, is very famous in Italy. Zavattarello, which had historical ties with Japan in 19th century, is looking for a sister-city in Japan.

From the Seminar

Learn more about the regions participated in our Regional Promotion Seminar on December 5, 2018 !

Tuna landed at Misaki Port

Kanagawa Prefecture

Miura peninsula is known as a treasure-trove of food ingredients. Its warm climate and fertile soil are suitable for growing agricultural products, such as Japanese radish and cabbage in winter, pumpkin and watermelon in summer.

Misaki port, which is located on the southernmost tip of the Miura peninsula, has the foremost amount of tuna landing in Japan. The tuna is mainly shipped to the capital area. Misaki Tuna are very fresh as they are quickly frozen at minus 60 degree celsius after being caught on board fishing vessels. Also since professionals carefully select the tuna, Misaki tuna are very delicious.

  • (Photo 7) Tuna landed at Misaki Port
  • (Photo 8) watermelon
  • (Photo 9) Japanese radish
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