Japan-Egypt Relations

April 23, 2015

 On April 22, commencing at 11:20 a.m. (Indonesia time. 1:20 p.m., April 22, Japan time) for approximately 15 minutes, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is visiting Indonesia to attend the Asian-African Summit 2015 on the occasion of the Asian-African Conference Commemoration, held a meeting with Mr. Ibrahim Mahlab, Prime Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The overview is as follows.

1. Bilateral relations in general

 At the beginning, Prime Minister Abe said that he was able to open a new page in Japan-Egypt relations by visiting Egypt himself in January this year.
 Additionally, Prime Minister Abe expressed his gratitude for the strong sense of solidarity shown at the time of the terrorism incidents in Syria and Tunisia, extended his heartfelt condolences on the victims of recent terrorism incidents in Egypt, including the Sinai Peninsula, and said Japan will coordinate with the international community to engage in the fight against terrorism. He also conveyed his congratulations on the success of the Egypt Economic Development Conference in March.
 In response, Prime Minister Mahlab said Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Egypt and the personal friendship between Prime Minister Abe and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi will strengthen bilateral relations further.
 The two leaders shared the view that they will work together to further advance bilateral relations.

2. Cooperation on the economic front

 Prime Minister Abe announced that his Cabinet decided in February to provide new grant aid of approximately 1.5 billion yen in order to expand the outpatients’ ward at the Cairo University Pediatric Specialized Hospital, following on from two yen loan projects in January this year (approximately 43 billion yen in total) and will continue to contribute to Egypt’s further development. Prime Minister Abe also said that he appreciates the Government of Egypt’s efforts to improve the investment environment.
 In response, Prime Minister Mahlab expressed gratitude for Japan’s support. He also explained that further economic development projects are scheduled to take place in Egypt in the future, and asked that Japanese companies actively participate.

3. Situation in Egypt

 Prime Minster Abe conveyed his expectation that the parliamentary elections will be held promptly and fairly and a governing system based on the will of the people will be completed.

4. Other issues

 In addition, the two leaders also exchanged views on regional affairs.

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