Japan-Algeria Relations

December 27, 2018
Japan-Algeria Foreign Ministers' Meeting1
Japan-Algeria Foreign Ministers' Meeting2

On December 27, commencing at 8:35 AM (local time, 04:35 PM Japan time) for appriximately 90 minutes, Mr. Taro Kono, Minister for Foreign Affairs, held a meeting with H.E. Mr. Abdelkader MESSAHEL, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of Algeria, during his visit to Algeria.  The overview of the meeting is as follows.  A luncheon hosted by H.E. Mr. Messahael was held later the same day.

  1. In the beginning, Minister Kono welcomed their reunion since they met at the Japan-Arab Political Dialogue held in September 2017, and stated that his visit is the first time as a Foreign Minister of Japan in 8 years.  Minister Kono also stated that, the two countries have traditionally enjoyed good relations, and since Japan values Algeria as a contributor to stability in the Middle East and North Aftican region, he wished to further strengthen bilateral relations through this visit, such as strengthening political dialogues.  In response, H.E. Mr. Messahel said that Japan and Algeria had historically enjoyed good relations since Algeria's war of independence, and wished to strengthen the good partnership including political dialogues.  
  2. Minister Kono said he was paying attention to Algeria's economoic potentials, and requested Algeria's cooperation in setting up legal frameworks for Japanese companies' entry to Algeria, such as an investment agreement and a taxation agreement.  In response, H.E. Mr. Messahel stated that he completely shared with Minister Kono the direction of bilateral relations including the economic relationship, and that Algeria has high economic potential as an African nation facing the Mediterranean Sea, and looked forward to the expansion of bilateral economic relations. 
  3. The two also exchanged views on the security situation and anti-terrorism measures in Algeria.  Minister Kono noted that Japan has a high interest in the security situation and anti-terrorism measures in Algeria, from the viewpoint of enabling Japanese companies to enter Algeria.  They shared the view that two countries will proceed with cooperation in the security and anti-terrorism, including dialogues by experts in the field.  
  4. Afterwards, the two confirmed their cooperation in the international arena including TICAD, and exchanged views on the situation in the Middle East, among other things.

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