Japan-Brazil Relations

May 3, 2024
Venue situation (Photo: Cabinet Public Affairs Office)
(Photo) Prime Minister Kishida’s Meeting in Brasilia with People of Nikkei (Photo: Cabinet Public Affairs Office)

On May 3, commencing at 8:40 a.m. (local time; 8:40 p.m. on May 3, JST) for approximately 15 minutes, Mr. KISHIDA Fumio, Prime Minister of Japan, during his visit to Brazil, held a meeting in Brasilia with representatives of Nikkei (Japanese immigrants and descendants) communities in the Federal District of Brasilia and neighboring areas (Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Moriya and others attended.).

  1. Ms. Yada Masae, President, Association of Japanese language studies of Brasilia, greeted on behalf of Nikkei community, welcomed Prime Minister Kishida's visit to Brazil and stated the importance of Japanese language education, holding of Japan Festival, and that Nikkei people are a bridge of friendship between both countries.
  2. Prime Minister Kishida noted that Nikkei people contributed greatly to the construction of the capital city of Brasilia through their excellent agricultural techniques and diligence. He also stated that young Nikkei entrepreneurs who have taken the lead in expanding “REN”, a network focusing on culture and business, both in Brazil and abroad in recent years. Then he expressed his respect for courage and hard work of the Nikkei people who have built the largest Nikkei community in the world and contributed to the development of their respective countries
  3. On that basis, Prime Minister Kishida announced to launch a new program of exchanges for the Nikkei community in Latin America and to realize exchanges with approximately 1,000 people over the next three years. He also stated that the Government of Japan would strongly encourage the younger generation of Nikkei to discuss “the future” with the young people of Japan and to cooperate with each other.
  4. Finally, a commemorative photo was taken with each of Nikkei representatives.

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