Japan-Bolivia Relations

April 23, 2021
  1.  On April 23, the Japan-Bolivia Policy Dialogue took place virtually. The representative of the Japanese side was Mr. Teiji Hayashi, Assistant Minister and Director-General for Latin American and Caribbean Affairs and the Bolivian side was represented by Mr. Freddy Mamani, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  2.  In this dialogue, both sides exchanged opinions on the bilateral and multilateral cooperation related to COVID-19 and the progress of bilateral relations such as development cooperation, strengthening of economic relations and promotion of people-to-people exchanges.
  3.  Both Countries also exchanged views on the regional situation including that of Latin America, and international issues such as climate change, and confirmed the importance of democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Japan expressed its congratulations to the peaceful implementation of the 2020 presidential election in Bolivia, and stated that Japan continues following closely the internal situation in Bolivia and stressed the importance of guaranteeing democracy and due process to promote an internal reconciliation in Bolivia.
  4.  Japan and Bolivia are important partners with diplomatic relations for over 100 years and shared view that both sides would continue strengthening cooperationship to further deepen the bilateral ties.

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