Latin America and the Caribbean

September 20, 2022

From September 8 to 15, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan hosted the 22nd Invitation Program for Young Leaders of FEALAC.

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has been hosting this Program since 2001, soon after FEALAC was established, with the aim to deepen the understanding on common issues in Asia and Latin America, and strengthening the relationship among FEALAC member countries. The theme for this year's program was "Application of Science and Technology for Decarbonization", a shared challenge between Asia and Latin America.
  2. On September 9, the participants visited Kobe City Hall, where they learned about the Hydrogen Smart City Kobe Initiative, followed by a tour of hydrogen CGS plant and Establishment of the Hydrogen Supply Chain. On September 10 and 11, they visited Kyoto and Tokyo respectively, to experience the Japanese traditional and modern culture. On September 12, the invitees received an explanation on the efforts of Japanese Government regarding Green Growth Strategy, and on September 13, they received a lecture by Nikkei Inc. on promotion of social dialogue toward decarbonization, as well as a lecture by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) on Green Innovation Fund. On September 14, they received a lecture by Professor Miyasaka from Toin University of Yokohama on perovskite solar cell and its future prospects. During the program, the participants exchanged opinions on the challenges in achieving decarbonization in their countries and discussed the future cooperation among Asia and Latin American countries.
  3. On September 14, the FEALAC young officials paid a courtesy visit to Mr. AKIMOTO Masatoshi, the Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan.
  4. This program was a meaningful opportunity to introduce Japan's efforts towards decarbonization as well as to share each country’s efforts and awareness of issues among the participants, with the aim to deepen understanding of common issues in Asia and Latin America and to strengthen relations among FEALAC member countries.

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