September 30, 2022

Currently, all foreign nationals who wish to newly enter Japan need to apply for a visa except for re-entry cases.
Meanwhile, the visa exemption measures for passport holders of countries/regions eligible to visa exemption will be resumed from 0:00 am (JST) on October 11, 2022.

[For entrants until October 10, 2022]

Currently, all foreign nationals are required to obtain a visa before entering the country except for those with re-entry permit. Nationals of visa exemption countries/regions that are currently under temporary suspension will be able to apply for a multiple-entry short-term stay visa for the purposes of business affairs, etc (Note) and for the spouse or child of a Japanese national from September 7.

(Note) The receiving organizations located in Japan should complete prescribed applications in the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS) and obtain a certificate of completion of Registration to the ERFS system. For details, please refer to "Restrictions on New Entries of Foreign Nationals (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)Open a New Window”.

Types of Visa

Multiple entry short-term stay visa with validity of 1 year and maximum stay of 90 days at a time (business affairs, etc., spouse or child of a Japanese national)

(Note) In some cases, single-entry visa may be issued after examination.

Documents required for application

Business, etc.

Spouse or child of a Japanese national

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