July 22, 2015

1. Applicable activities

 Activities on the part of constituent members of diplomatic missions or consular offices of foreign governments hosted by the Government of Japan, activities on the part of those who are provided with similar privileges and/or immunities as are given to diplomatic missions in accordance with treaties or international customary practices, and the activities on the part of their family members belonging to the same household.

2. Period of stay

 Foreign nationals who receive the Status of Residence of “Diplomat” are permitted to stay in Japan for the length of “During mission”.

3. Visa application documents

  • (1) Passport
  • (2) Photograph
  • (3) Note verbale and/or documents issued by the foreign government or international organization, certifying the identity of the person concerned and his or her purposes while visiting Japan
  • (4) Visa application form (In some cases this can be omitted)

4. Other

  • (1) Not all diplomatic passport holders can obtain a Diplomatic visa/the Status of Residence of “Diplomat”. Please note that if a foreign national in possession of a diplomatic passport visits Japan for a purpose other than official business, such as a holiday, tourism, transit, etc., the foreign national will be granted the Status of Residence of ”Temporary visitor” (period of stay of 15 days, 30 days or 90 days), and will not be exempt from the obligation to provide fingerprints and other biological information at the time of the examination for landing.
  • (2) Please also note that the nationalities eligible for visa exemptions are different for diplomatic passport holders than those applying with regular/ordinary passports. For details please refer to here.
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