International Law and Treaties

June 15, 2023

Japan nominates Ambassador HORINOUCHI Hidehisa as its candidate for the election of the members of ITLOS to be held in June 2023 in order to contribute to the protection and development of the maritime order based on international law, in particular the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

As maritime nation, Japan has been attaching a great importance to UNCLOS and supporting the organizations established under UNCLOS including ITLOS. Japanese Judges have always been making great contribution as members of ITLOS for its missions since the constitution of the Tribunal in 1996.

Ambassador HORINOUCHI, with his diplomatic career spanning over 40 years and significant experiences in the field of the law of the sea in, is one of the most qualified individuals in Japan for a member of ITLOS. Japan would highly appreciate all supports for his election and his activities in the field of the law of the sea.

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