Climate Change

October 10, 2023
  1. The High-Level Pledging Conference for the Second Replenishment of the Green Climate Fund was held in Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany on October 5.
  2. The GCF is a fund under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Paris Agreement, to support reduction of greenhouse gases (mitigation) and address impacts of climate change (adaptation) in developing countries. During the conference for the second replenishment, a total contribution of approximately USD 9.3 billion was announced from 25 countries including Japan.
  3. Mr. KITAMURA Toshihiro, Ambassador for Climate Change, Deputy Assistant Minister for International Cooperation Bureau, serving as the Board member of the GCF, represented Japan at the Conference and announced Japan’s contribution to the GCF.
  4. Subject to the approval of the Diet, the Government of Japan intends to contribute up to JPY 165 billion, the same amount as the first replenishment, in accordance with the performance of the GCF.
    On this occasion, the Government of Japan expresses its strong hope that the GCF will further address following priorities that Japan places particular importance on, such as:
  • Prioritization of developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to impact of climate change in adaptation projects;
  • Accelerating mobilization of private finance;
  • Utilizing wide-ranging knowledge and expertise from diverse sectors in formulating and implementing GCF projects.

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