Climate Change

April 22, 2021

On April 22-23, the Leaders Summit on Climate, hosted by the United State was held in a virtual format. Prime Minister Suga attended the leaders’ session on April 22 and delivered his statement.

  1. At the summit, Prime Minister Suga declared that Japan aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 46% in fiscal year 2030 from its fiscal year 2013 levels, setting an ambitious target which is aligned with the long-term goal of net-zero by 2050. Furthermore, he stressed that Japan will continue strenuous efforts in its challenge to meet the lofty goal of cutting its emission by 50%.

  2. Also, Prime Minister Suga stated that, in order to create a virtuous cycle of the economy and the environment and to realize robust growth toward our ambitious goal for 2030, the Government of Japan will work to maximum utilization of decarbonized power sources, such as renewable energy, and take incentive measures sufficient for inducing investment by companies.
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