Climate Change

October 4, 2019
State Minister for Foreign Affairs Suzuki and Executive Director Glemarec shaking hands
On October 4, commencing at 8:00 am for approximately one hour, Mr. SUZUKI Keisuke, State Minister for Foreign Affairs held a breakfast meeting with Mr. Yannick Glemarec, Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund (GCF), during his visit to Japan.
1. State Minister SUZUKI welcomed Mr. Glemarec’s second visit to Japan. Noting that the GCF plays an increasingly important role as the full implementation of the Paris Agreement to be started from next year, State Minister requested Mr. Glemarec for more effective and efficient operation and good governance of the GCF. State Minister also asked to enhance close coordination between the GCF and the Government of Japan for the First Replenishment of the GCF. Having in mind that the public-sector’s efforts alone are not enough and the engagement by the private sector needs to be enhanced for the   steady implementation of the Paris Agreement, State Minister requested Mr. Glemarec for enhanced coordination between the GCF and Japanese companies with excellent environmental and climate technologies.  
2. Mr. Glemarec, in response, expressed his gratitude for Japan’s contribution to date and cooperation to the GCF, and stated that he would deepen cooperation with Japanese companies to utilize Japanese technologies for climate actions. Mr. Glemarec also expressed his expectation for further cooperation with Japan towards enhancement of the GCF’s management.
3. State Minister SUZUKI and Mr. Glemarec also exchanged views on increasing Japanese staff in the GCF Secretariat, and agreed to continue close communication for utilization of Japan’s expertise and for policy coordination.

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