Climate Change

September 6, 2019

On August 30th, the third meeting of Japan-Chile Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Joint Committee was held in Santiago, Chile, and it decided to register the first bilateral project between Japan and Chile.

  1. The registered project (“Installation of 1MW Solar PV Systems on University Rooftop”) aims to reduce CO2 emissions by introducing a 992kW rooftop solar system at 4 campuses of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, in Santiago, Chile.
  2. In the project, solar panels produced by Panasonic Corporation were installed, featuring the industry’s top class technology, with each panel having an output of 325W and a module efficiency of 19.7%. The installation of those panels will enable the university to consume the electricity generated in-house at the premise.
  3. The Chilean partner, MGM Innova Capital, will sell the surplus power to the grid under “the PMGD framework” (Spanish acronym for Small Means of Distributed Generation).
  4. The Government of Japan, in close collaboration with relevant partners including Chile, is committed to contributing to the world-wide emission reduction efforts by promoting the JCM through the utilization of excellent low-carbon technologies.

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