Climate Change

March 23, 2017

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducted a public opinion survey on diplomacy that included items about climate change issues. The results are shown below:

1. Survey details

  • Target: Japan’s nationwide resident, aged 18 and above
  • Valid responses: 1000 people
  • (graph 1)
  • Survey method:RDD phone survey (A method of using telephone numbers which consist of computer-generated random numbers.)
  • Survey period: 18-28 February 2017

2. Survey results covering climate change issues

(1) What do you think about Japan taking more active role in actions against climate change? Please select one from the following: Very Good, Good, Not really good, Not good, I do not know.

  • (graph 2)

A high percentage of the population approves Japan’s contribution to climate change issues. Almost 90 % found it “good” for Japan to take more active actions against climate change (41.7% answered “very good” and 47.4% answered “good”).

(2) What actions could be taken by Japan on climate change? Please select all applicable answers.

  • (graph 3)

Further promotion of renewable energy is raised the most as the action Japan should take.

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