Climate Change

March 25, 2022
  1. Japan made approximately 6.000.000 USD (equivalent to approximately 650 million yen) contribution to the Adaptation Fund (AF) on March 22.
  2. The AF is a multilateral climate fund which provides assistance for adaptation efforts of developing countries in addressing the adverse impacts of climate change.
  3. The Paris Agreement (PDF) Open a New Window, which entered into force in November 2016, stipulates the importance of support on adaptation and of taking into consideration of the needs of developing countries. The AF launched 15 years ago, and has been formally serving the Paris Agreement since January 2019 through its concrete adaptation projects on the ground for the most vulnerable and its pioneering climate finance modalities like Direct Access that build country ownership in adaptation.
  4. At the COP26 World Leaders Summit in November 2021, Prime Minister KISHIDA also announced that Japan will double its assistance for adaptation to climate change to approximately 14.8 billion USD, both from public and private finance, in the five years starting from 2021 until 2025.
  5. Japan proactively continues to support developing countries’ climate change measures.

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