Climate Change

Japan’s Efforts Aimed at the Conclusion of the Paris Agreement

September 8, 2016

  • Prime Minister Abe, making a statement at the COP21 Summit

Japan has contributed to the historical conclusion of the Paris agreement. Prime Minister Abe delivered a speech at the COP21 Summit and announced “Action for Cool Earth (ACE2.0) ”, Japan’s original contribution policy.

1 Prime Minister Abe attending the COP21 Summit (November 30, 2015)

A) Attending the Opening Ceremony, etc

  • Prime Minister Abe attended the opening ceremony of the summit.
  • PM participated in a lunch held by French President Hollande, and exchanged opinions on climate change, other issues facing international community and the relations between the two countries.

B) Prime Minister Abe’s speech at the summit.

  • Now is the time for developed countries and developing countries to work together to build a new framework for the reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Japan wants to include the establishment of long-term targets and the creation of common processes on the revision of reduction targets in the Paris Agreement, and will steadily work toward implementing the inspired commitment proposal and adaptation plan already submitted.
  • Actions for Cool Earth 2.0 was announced to contribute to addressing climate change through support to developing countries and innovation.
  • The first main element -- support for developing countries --: providing approximately JPY 1.3 trillion in aid to address climate change in 2020, 1.3 times up from the current level, and this increase can clarify a pathway to the achievement of the COP15 commitment of mobilizing USD 100 Billion.
  • With regard to the innovation (second element of ACE2.0), the key to balancing measures to address climate change with economic growth is to draw up an “Energy & Environmental Innovation Strategy” by spring 2016 to establish the areas to focus upon, and strengthen research and development in these areas.
  • Utilizing the Joint Crediting Mechanism to spread innovative low-carbon technologies while reducing the burden on developing countries.
  • It was announced that now is the time to reach an agreement on a new framework

C) Participation in Launch of “Mission Innovation”

Prime Minister Abe participated in the launch of the “Mission Innovation” international initiative for strengthening research and development related to clean energy. (French President Hollande, US President Obama, Indian President Modi and Bill Gates were among participants). In his speech at the summit held immediately afterwards, Prime Minister Abe announced that Japan will support the initiative as a continuation of its efforts to date.

2 Action for Cool Earth: ACE2.0

  • Action for Cool Earth: ACE2.0