Climate Change

December 15, 2022

On December 14, the Political Declaration on establishing the Just Energy Transition Partnership with Viet Nam was concureed between the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam and the International Partners Group including Japan, and related Joint Press Release was issued by the International Partners Group.

In the Joint Press Release, Prime Minister KISHIADA Fumio, stated, “Japan has been supporting Viet Nam’s decarbonization through renewable energy-related projects and welcomes Viet Nam’s ambition to further accelerate just energy transition towards net zero by 2050. Japan is proud to be a member of the Just Energy Transition Partnership, which will promote support for low emission and climate resilient development in Viet Nam, in coordination with partner countries, and with further private sector engagement”

Japan will continue to support countries in their promotion of realistic energy transition, taking into account the national circumstances of each country and encouraging the introduction of renewable energy as much as possible.


[Reference2]JETP:Just Energy Transition Partnership
 A partnership in which donor countries work together to accelerate the early retirement of high-emission infrastructure in partner countries and provide supports for investment in renewable energy and related infrastructure.

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