February 25, 2021

On the afternoon of February 25, Prime Minister SUGA Yoshihide and Minister for Foreign Affairs MOTEGI Toshimitsu participated in the 2nd Tokyo Global Dialogue organized by the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) (held online under the theme of “The Indo-Pacific of Today and Tomorrow: Transformation of the Strategic Landscape and International Response”). The overview is as follows.

  1. Prime Minister Suga delivered a message at the beginning of the event. The Prime Minister congratulated the JIIA, the organizer, on being named the “2020 Think Tank of the Year.” With the situation in the Indo-Pacific becoming increasingly uncertain and the security environment even more severe, he stated that Japan will strategically promote a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” (FOIP). In addition, the Prime Minister expressed Japan’s determination to proactively contribute to addressing various challenges facing the international community and demonstrate leadership in building a post-COVID-19 international order, placing importance on multilateralism.
  2. Following Prime Minister Suga’s message, Minister Motegi delivered a keynote speech on “Japan’s Foreign Policy towards the Post-COVID-19 World.”
  • (1) With regard to FOIP, Minister Motegi emphasized that it is part of the mission of Japan’s foreign policy to harness the philosophy of FOIP into tangible outcomes and geographically expand support for it as the foundation of a post-COVID-19 international order. Minister Motegi gave some examples of achievements, including the adoption of a leaders’ joint statement on cooperation between Japan and ASEAN on the “ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific” (AOIP) and the discussions at the Japan-Australia-India-U.S. Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. He noted that the vision of FOIP has expanded to and obtained the support of countries around the world, including Europe, Africa, and Latin America.
  • (2) Minister Motegi pointed out that the recovery of the world economy is crucial to building a post-COVID-19 global order and stated that, to this end, Japan will continue to lead the way in the foundation of high-standard economic rules that are open and inclusive and ensure the free global movement of people, goods, and capital. The Minister added that this requires transforming the economic structure towards the post-COVID-19 world, announcing that Japan is determined to rev up the two engines of green and digital economies to lead global economic growth.

[Reference] The 2nd Tokyo Global Dialogue
This international symposium (held online) hosted by the JIIA takes place from February 25 to 27. 64 experts and others from 19 countries and 1 region (Japan, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Italy, France, Russia, the Philippines, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Iran, the Republic of Korea, Australia, Viet Nam, Taiwan) are on the speakers’ list (approximately 1,200 people will be watching online). The theme is “The Indo-Pacific of Today and Tomorrow: Transformation of the Strategic Landscape and International Response.”

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