Japan's Contribution to UN Peacekeeping Operations (PKO)

March 28, 2017
1 Japan has dispatched staff officers and Ground Self Defense Force (GSDF) engineering unit to UNMISS (United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan) since November 2011 and January 2012 respectively. 

In South Sudan, the increase of the force level of UNMISS through the establishment of Regional Protection Force (RPF) with approximately 4,000 personnel has advanced such efforts for further stability in Juba. In addition, the Government of South Sudan announced to initiate the process of national dialogue, promoting reconciliation among different ethnic groups. These illustrate the progress towards stability in the country, and the nation-building process of South Sudan is entering a new stage.

More than five years have passed since the SDF has dispatched their engineering units and the contribution it has made has been the largest. In light of these activities, Japan considers that it can move on to a new phase regarding engineering activities in Juba, and the SDF engineering unit will withdraw from Juba around the end of May. On the other hand, Japan will continue to contribute to the activities of UNMISS through dispatching staff officers to Headquarters. 

According to the International Peace Cooperation Law Article 7(1), the Prime Minister will report to the Diet the contents pertaining to the revision and the status of implementation.

2 Major Points of Revision

(i) On the day of the Cabinet Council decision (24 March)
  • Extension of the deployment period:
    • Staff officers and Liaison and Coordination officers
      Current plan: until 31 Mar 2017
      After Revision: until 28 Feb 2018 (11 months extension)
    • 11th engineering unit
      Current plan: until 31 Mar 2018
      After Revision: until 31 May 2017 (2 months extension)
  • Additional deployment of KC-767 aircrafts for the withdraw of the engineering unit
    After Revision:3
(ii) On the day of 1st Jun
  • Deletion of the sentences related to the activities of the engineering unit after their withdrawal
  • Appointment of a commander of the international peace cooperation unit to supervise the staff officers and the liaison and coordination officers after the withdrawal of the engineering unit

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