The Hague Convention (Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction) 

Seminars for the Prevention of International Child Abduction

July 19, 2019

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Central Authority of Japan) has been holding seminars on the Hague Convention in several parts of the world. The aim of these seminars is primarily to raise awareness of Japanese nationals living outside Japan about the seriousness of international parental child abduction and thereby prevent future removal of children across borders.
For each seminar, the Central Authority of Japan sent its official as a lecturer, who gave to the audience an overview of the Hague Abduction Convention and its procedure, and stressed the importance of having the other parent’s consent before going back to Japan with the child.

  • (photo1) Paris
  • (photo2) London
The year 2018
Dusseldorf, Germany (October 19)
London, UK (October 15)
Seoul, Republic of Korea(September 6)
Paris, France (May 15)
The year 2017
Dublin, Ireland (March 20)
Boston, US (October 7)
The year 2016
Los Angeles, US (February 18)
Oakland, New Zealand (November 25)
Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia (November 24 and 22)
London, UK (July 5)
The Year 2015
Sydney, Australia (November 19)
Los Angles, US (June 29)