September 2, 2015
Nordic-Baltic Eight(NB8) plus Japan

Nordic-Baltic Eight (NB8)

 NB8 is a regional framework consisting of the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) and the three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania). Japan attaches importance to the Nordic-Baltic region as a part of its diplomacy that takes a panoramic perspective of the world map. Japan and NB8 share fundamental values such as the rule of law and democracy, and have much in common in areas such as sustainable utilization of the Arctic region and focus on innovation.

"NB8 plus Japan"

 "NB8 plus Japan" is a framework to strengthen cooperation between NB8 countries and Japan. It was initiated by convening the NB8 plus Japan foreign ministers’ meeting in November 2013, and its summit meeting was held in October 2014. "Active participation by women," "cooperation related to the Arctic region," and "innovation" are regarded as the three pillars of cooperation under "NB8 plus Japan." Under this framework, Japan intends to share knowledge on various challenges with NB8 countries each other and contribute to the international community as "a country that is a forerunner in finding solutions."

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