May 19, 2014

 From April 29 to May 8, Mrs. Akie Abe, spouse of the Prime Minister of Japan, paid visits to 6 countries in Europe with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. During her visits, Mrs. Abe visited various sites, met with local people as well as Japanese who are active in fields such as education, social welfare, art, medical services and agriculture in the respective countries and exchanged views widely on such issues as realization of a society in which women shine, declining population and aging society, social welfare and education. She also conveyed her wish for development of human resources who can serve as a bridge between Japan and the respective countries and for strengthening of friendship between the countries. Mrs. Abe also presented “Akie Library” to educational institutions in each country, in the hope that the presented books on Japanese language, culture and literature could offer more opportunities for learning Japan and Japanese culture.

【List of visiting sites and meetings】

1 Germany (April 29-30)

  • (1)Meeting with people studying Japanology (April 29) (left)
  • (2)City Hall of Treuenbrietzen (April 30)
  • (3)Village of Feldheim (right)
  • (4)Equine Therapy Center Berlin

2 The United Kingdom (April 30-May 2)

  • (1)Bousfield Primary School (May 1) (left)
  • (2)Meeting with Mrs. Cherie Blair, spouse of the former Prime Minister of the UK
  • (3)Presentation of “Akie Library” to the Japanese school in London (right)
  • (4)Terrence Higgins Trusts and Foundations

3 Portugal (May 2-4)

  • (1)The Santa Casa da Misericórdia (May 2)
  • (2)Creche O Principezinho, a nursery in Lisbon (left)
  • (3)Presentation of “Akie Library” to the University of Lisbon
  • (4)Meeting with members of “JAPAN NET”
  • (5)Meeting with eminent Portuguese Women (May 3) (right)

4 Spain (May 4)


 Meeting with Mrs. Elvira Fernandez Balboa (Mrs. Mariano Rajoy Brey), spouse of the President of the government of Spain

5 France (May 4-6)

With the students of Lycée Jean de la Fontaine
At “Auteuil Bon Restaurant”, training restaurant for high school students
  • (1)Yamashita Farm (May 5)
  • (2)Meeting with Ms. Claude Chirac, member of the Board of Directors of Foundation Chirac, daughter of the former President of the Republic of France
  • (3)Presentation of “Akie Library” to Lycée Jean de la Fontaine
  • (4)A nursery in Paris
  • (5)”Happy Families”, a private support center for child raising
  • (6)Meeting with Ms. Agnès Schweitzer, spouse of the Special Representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic for France-Japan Partnership
  • (7)St. François-Xavier Church (May 6)
  • (8)Meeting with JET alumni

6 Belgium (May 6-7)

  • (1)The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (May 6)
  • (2)Presentation of “Akie Library” to the Japanese school in Brussels (May 7) (left)
  • (3)Royal Conservatory of Brussels (right)
  • (4)Meeting with Mrs. Geertrui Windels (Mrs. Van Rompuy), spouse of the President of the European Council
  • (5)City of Bruges

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