Japan-Finland Relations

December 6, 2022
State Minister Yamada who makes his remarks standing behind a lectern
State Minister Yamada who faces with and greets Ambassador Jääskeläinen

On December 6, 2022, Mr. YAMADA Kenji, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, attended the Finland National Day Reception, which was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Japan. The overview is as follows:

  1. Following the opening remarks by H.E. Ms. Tanja Katriina JÄÄSKELÄINEN, Ambassador-designate of Finland to Japan, State Minister Yamada made his remarks.
  2. State Minister Yamada noted that Japan and Finland had enjoyed further progress in bilateral relations this year, highlighting Prime Minister Marin's visit in May and Foreign Minister Haavisto's visit in September. State Minister Yamada expressed his solidarity with Ukraine today, referring that "Finlandia" composed by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius embodied the pride and courage of the Finnish people at that time.
  3. Moreover, State Minister Yamada mentioned that Japan and Finland shared strengths in the innovation sectors including digitalization, and that there is a growing momentum for the two countries to cooperate in a range of areas to address issues of the international community. He further stated that he would like to make efforts to further reinforce the bilateral relations between Japan and Finland.
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