Japan-Ukraine Relations

January 7, 2024
Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamikawa shaking hands with President Zelensky
Courtesy call on President Zelensky

On January 7, commencing at 3:10 p.m. local time (same day, 10:10 p.m. JST) for approximately 1 hour, Ms. KAMIKAWA Yoko, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, during her visit to Ukraine, paid a courtesy call on H.E. Mr. Volodymyr ZELENSKYY, President of Ukraine. An overview is as follows.

  1. At the outset, President Zelenskyy expressed his condolences for the damage caused by the recent 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake. He welcomed Minister Kamikawa's visit and expressed his gratitude for Japan's contributions as the G7 Presidency last year and for Japan's support. President Zelenskyy stated that Prime Minister Kishida's efforts have brought relations between Japan and Ukraine to a historic level, and expressed his appreciation for Prime Minister Kishida.
  2. In response, Minister Kamikawa stated that she visited Bucha prior to this courtesy call to see with her own eyes the vivid scars of Russia’s aggression and to hear directly from the people on the ground. She stated that she was convinced that unilateral changes to the status quo by force cannot be accepted, and that we must work to protect women and children who are particularly vulnerable in war and ensure “human dignity.” Minister Kamikawa once again condemned Russia's continued missile and unmanned aerial vehicle attacks on Kyiv and other locations during the New Year period and expressed her sincere condolences for the victims. She stated that she would like to express her sincere respect for the courage and perseverance of the Ukrainian people, who have stood united against Russian aggression for a long time, and that Japan will never waver in its position of standing with Ukraine.
  3. Minister Kamikawa expressed her respect for President Zelenskyy's Peace Formula proposal and for his vigorous efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace based on the results of the G7 Hiroshima Summit. She conveyed that Japan has decided to co-chair the working group on radiation and nuclear safety, the first item of the Peace Formula, to contribute to the discussions. The two leaders shared the view that they would continue to strengthen cooperation between Japan and Ukraine, including calling on other countries concerned. Furthermore, they concurred to continue cooperation in the preparation of the bilateral document between Japan and Ukraine.
  4. Minister Kamikawa also explained Japan's assistance to Ukraine, including contributions from the CAP Trust Fund of the NATO and the provision and transportation support of large-scale power-related equipment for winterization assistance. President Zelenskyy expressed his gratitude.

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